Organization Performance

Leangreen provides organizational performance services that covers the following:

  • Restructuring and Reorganization of Business Processes.
  • Procurement and Accounts Payable Assurance Audit, Recommendations and Implementation.
  • Organization departmental Audits on Transaction Processing Systems (TPS).
  • Global Supply Chain Design, Strategy Formulation and Implementation.
  • Performance Evaluation of the Organization Total Quality Management (TQM).
  • Performance Evaluation of the Organization Management Information System and Multimedia.
  • Logistics Planning and Multimodal Transportation Planning and Implementation.
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy Formulation and Implementation.
  • Products Distribution Channel Strategy Formulation and Implementation.
  • Self Employment Program Conceptualization, Design, Training and Execution.
  • Artisan Hub Development and Management.
  • Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Conceptualization Program & Development.
  • Warehouse Design & Inventory Management Planning.
  • Organization Internal Control Formulation, Documentation and Awareness Training Execution.
  • Hotel Management Strategy Formulation for Revenue Generation.
  • Establishment and Development of SMEs.
  • Workforce Planning and Human Resources Improvement Metrics.
  • Training Needs Analysis and Human Capital Development in the Maritime Sector.
  • Training Needs Analysis and Human Capital Development in the Aviation Sector.
  • Training Needs Analysis and Human Capital Development in the Rail Industry and Road Transport Industry.
  • Strategy Formulation and Human Capital Development for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Sea, Road and Air.
  • International Trade Business Development, Joint Venture, Partnership, Franchise, Merger & Acquisition, Contractual Obligations & Implementation.
  • Strategic Sourcing of Manufacturer Representatives and New Market Development.
  • International Buying, Product Marketing and Distribution Network Design.
  • Consultancy for UN Agencies, MDAs, NGOs, Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Education & Learning Institutions, B2B, B2C, B2G etc.
  • Data Gathering for Researchers, Organizations in all Sectors, especially data gathering for Nigerian Citizens in the Diaspora.

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